Rifle Gunsmithing

Please note that prices do not reflect shipping and taxes.

***Please note, we do not work on ANY class 3 firearms. 

Rifle Labor Per Hour $95.00 RFL
Crown Rifle Barrel $165.00 RF-4
Drill and tap for scope (per hole) $75.00 GDT
Glass Bed Recoil Lug and free float BBL $165.00 GBED
Pillar Bed Rifle $250.00 GPB
Pillar Bed and Float Rifle Barrel $275.00 RPB
Inlet and Bed Rifle BBL $250.00 RFIB
Trigger Work:    
Trigger job (3 lb. minimum, only Remington 700s) $125.00 RTRIG
Jewell Trigger for Rem 700 $275.00 GJEW
Jewell Trigger Installed and Adjusted $135.00 GJEWI
Trigger Installed and Adjusted $135.00 TRIGGER
Oversized Bolt Knob Installed $135.00 GOBK
Install Briley Muzzle Brake (click to view)    
Non-Contour $245.00 RF-6
Contoured $295.00 RF-5
High polish add  $105.00+  
Thread Rifle Barrel (Thread Only) $165.00 GTRB
Thread Protector for Muzzle Brake $45.00 MBTP
Mount scope and bore sight (plus parts) $105.00 MS
Strip and Clean $105.00 GSC
Bluing Polished (Hot Salt) $425.00+  RFBLUE
Satin Bead Blast $350.00+  RFBLUEB