Handgun Gunsmithing

Please note that prices do not reflect shipping and taxes.

***Please note, we do not work on ANY class 3 firearms. 

Pistol Labor - Per Hour $95.00  PDL
1911 Frame Work:    
Beavertail grip safety  - Does not include reblue of frame (+$135.00) $105.00 PDLFW-1
Checker front strap (20 lpi or 30 lpi) - Does not include reblue of frame (+$135.00) $375.00 PDLFW-3
Drill and tap for customer supplied scope mount-per hole $75.00 GDT
Ejector - fitted $75.00 PDLFW-8
Frame feed ramp cut for the ramped barrel (Briley/Clark/Para Style Only) $165.00 PDLFW-11
Hammer bobbed $165.00 PDLFW-14
Magazine well beveled $85.00 PDLFW-17
Magazine well-custom welded $200.00 PDLMW
Plunger tube-staked or new fit $50.00 PDLF-33
Thumb safety fitted - Ambidextrous wide or trimmed $145.00 PDLFW-21
Thumb Safety Fitted - Single Side $125.00 PDLFW-23
Scope mount-fitted with soldered shim $165.00 GSM
Trigger job SA (3 to 4 lbs only) - 1911 $150.00 PDLFW-26
Trigger job SA/DA (3 to 4 lbs only on SA and DA as best as possible)  $225.00 PDLFW-28
1911 Slide Work    
Chamber barrel $85.00 PDL-12
Checker rear of slide $165.00 PDLSW-2
Compensator installed with finished fit $225.00 PCF
Lower and Flare ejection port $105.00 PDLFW-7
Crown barrel $105.00 PDLRW-10
Cut slide for reverse plug $95.00 PDLSW-7
Dovetail cut for Briley cocking sight $135.00 PDLSW-8
Fit barrel $135.00 PDL-121
Fit solid or spherical bushing $105.00 PDLSW-12
Line rear of the slide $135.00 PDLSW-13
Line top of slide (20, 30, 40 lpi) $225.00 PDLSW-14
Dovetail cut rear sight $145.00 PDLSW-17
Dovetail cut front sight $85.00 PDLSW-37
Polish throat and feed ramp $135.00 PDLSW-22
Replace sights supplied by customer without machining - Per Sight $55.00 PDLSW-40
Serrations (front or rear) $225.00 PDLSW-27
1911 Reliability Package    
Level 1 reliability package $325.00 PDPKG-6
1. Port & flare    
2. Throat & ramp    
3. Adjust & tune extractor    
4. Basic trigger job    
5. Test fire    
General Pistol Labor    
Accurails-fitted $425.00 PDLG-1
Check point of impact and adjust $165.00  
Dehorn complete gun - Does not include Refinishing. $250.00 PDLG-3
Fit slide to frame $275.00  
Test fire $45.00 GTF
Strip, clean and oil handgun $105.00 PDLG-7
Reflex Sight Cut into Slide. We need the sight/optic to ensure fit. $200.00 GREDDOT
Additional Options:    
Reblue Complete Slide add $95    
Cold Blue and unfinished no charge.    
Revolver Package    
Carry Package $325.00  
Trigger and action job. Includes: Spring kit as needed, smooth and polish contact surfaces, check/straighten ejector rod, check/repair end shake, check/ align crane, radius and polish trigger and clean, lubricate and inspect all parts    
Revolver Labor    
Crown barrel only $165.00 PDLRW-10
Custom fiber optic front sight. Red, Green or Orange $105.00 PDLRW-9
Cut and crown barrel $165.00 PDLRW-10
Fit scope mount: per hole $75.00 GDT
Trigger job SA (3 to 4 lbs. only) $150.00 PDLRW-22
Trigger job SA/DA - SA (3 to 4 lbs. Only. DA best possible lbs.) $225.00 PDLRW-28
Refinishing on Pistol and Revolvers    
Blast and blue complete (pistol) $245.00 PDLF-7
Blast and blue frame - Matte $135.00 PDLF-8
Blast and blue Revolver $225.00 PDLF-10
Blast and blue slide $105.00 PDLF-11
Electroless nickel revolver $525.00 PDLF-12
Polish and blue complete revolver $400.00 PDLF-9
Chrome frame only $300.00 PDLF-24
Chrome slide only $300.00 PDLF-23
Chrome Complete Gun (matte only) $525.00 PDLF-21
Electroless nickel complete gun $550.00 PDLF-25
Electroless nickel frame $250.00 PDLF-26
Electroless nickel slide $275.00 PDLF-28
Parkerize complete gun $295.00 PDLF-31
Rust Blue Revolver $625.00 GRUSTBREV