Shotgun Lengthen Forcing Cones

Lengthen Forcing Cones - $105.00 per hole

This modification is done so as to reduce the instantaneous impact on the shooter due to recoil.  The transition area from the chamber to the bore is lengthened by creating a longer less abrupt angle.  This is one part of recoil management and it reduces the impact of recoil felt throughout a lengthy period of shooting.

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Briley Manufacturing offers long forcing cone gunsmithing. Need Long Forcing Cones? We have full time gunsmiths ready to assist you. Long forcing cones can improve your shot pattern.

How far can we lengthen your forcing cone? That depends on your shotgun as we remove the shoulder at the bottom of the chamber and replace it with a a taper.  This allows the shot to more easily move into the bore, thus reducing the peak pressure at ignition.

Want to lengthen your forcing cone? Please send us your barrel is a letter of instruction to: 

Briley MFG
Attention Gunsmithing
1230 Lumpkin
Houston, Texas 77043