Shotgun Strip and Clean (Auto or Pump Action Shotguns)

Strip and Clean (Auto or Pump Action Shotguns) - $105.00

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Briley Gunsmiths offer detailed semi-auto or pump action cleaning and inspection followed by lubrication. If you have not cleaned or had your shotgun inspected in we offer this service at a great rate. Cleaning and oiling also helps to keep your shotgun functioning more reliably. 

Strip, Inspect, Clean, and Oil Includes (but is not limited to):
We strip your Auto or Pump Action shotgun down completely.
That includes cleaning the magazine tube.
We disassemble the stock bolt tube with operating spring (recoil spring or mainspring).
We disassemble the trigger group. We measure all springs and replace those that are not up to
specification (spring is extra).
Barrel, recess, threads, gas system, and choke(s) are also cleaned. Chokes are greased and put back in your shotgun.
Everything is cleaned including sonic bath and solvent tank.
Everything is dried including all pin holes, recesses, etc.
Everything is then reassembled and lubricated.