Yildiz Warranty Repair Center

Is my Yildiz covered under warranty?
In most cases, yes.  If you would like to send your gun in to us, we will be happy to evaluate and repair your gun and replace any broken parts as needed.

How do I send in my Yildiz for evaluation?
You can take your gun to your local Academy store and they can ship it to us for repair, or you can ship it directly to us. 
If you are shipping your own firearm, please see how to ship to Briley and our concierge service.
Our address is:
Briley Mfg. ATTN: Yildiz Repair
1230 Lumpkin Rd
Houston, TX 77043

Do you sell parts?
We are not allowed to sell parts as they are property of Academy.  For parts, please contact Academy directly.  

How do I get tin touch with Academy.?
Academy's toll free number is  888-922-2336